Page 15 - OConnor - The Ultimate Supports For Professionals 2014

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OConnor’s Ultimate range of fluid heads feature a stepless,
ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag system, specifically
designed to provide the ultimate in control and stability
for cine-style shooting. Another must-have feature is
OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system
for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range.
Combined, these produce ‘the OConnor feel’ valued by
cinematographers worldwide: smooth, fluid movement
and intuitive control.
Because OConnor fluid heads can be counterbalanced down
to 0lbs., they are the perfect tools for the current art of
cinematography, where cameras keep getting lighter, lenses
keep getting larger, and accessories are constantly being
developed. No matter how a camera setup is configured,
OConnor can balance the payload. OConnor design engineers
continue to evolve the brand’s product line. In the latest
Extended Range, the 120EX head supports extra-large
payloads, while the 120EXe head’s encoding function provides
extremely accurate positional metadata for later integration
of virtual objects in post production, providing the optimal
solution for 3D film production.
OConnor’s trusted camera support offering is completed
with a wide range of aluminum and carbon fiber tripods that
provide the ruggedness, rock-solid stability and high payload
capability demanded by top professionals.
Smooth, fluid movement and intuitive control
True, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range
Maximum versatility for changing camera setups
Stepless, ultra-smooth fluid drag system
High payload capacity and accurate positional
data technology ideal for 3D production (120EXe)
Reliable and tough